I haven’t had a day off work in 2 weeks. I work two jobs putting in 40 hours a week and I’m a full time student and have to attend class Monday through Friday. The holidays are especially stressful for my job because I work on the loading docks at Macy’s and we have no room for any more merchandise and we have five trucks coming in this week to get ready for the holidays. On top of that my boss expects me to unload all the boxes by myself and if I don’t (I never do because I am the only one working at night) I get bitched at for not finishing. I need a day off or I’m going to lose it.

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2 Responses to Stressed

  1. schroffm says:

    if your too stressed out from working so much then you shouldnt have 2 jobs. but i get it. if your paying for school you kinda have to work them. if work and school is too much right now talk to one of your bosses and see if you could get a day or two off. at least from one of the jobs.

  2. caitlinm05 says:

    that does seem very stressful. You shouldnt be the only one working at night. Maybe you should take a day off to relax. go hang out with friends or something.
    i hope the holidays are not as bad as they sound for you!

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