Next Friday is my birthday and im so excited. I have a couple of friends coming home from college and were just going to be hanging out. But the part I am the most excited for is sunday. Me and a couple of my friends and my mom and some of her friends are all going down to PA to go shopping. They have a hugeeeee outlet mall out there. I love it, i have been there three times before and it never gets old.  Oh and did I mention they dont tax on clothes!  Now im not a big shopper, but I do love going out there.  I definitely recommend it to people, if you ever have a day to spare and you wanna go shopping to go out there. It’s located in Grove City in PA and its only about a 2 hour drive. =)

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2 Responses to Shopping!

  1. akraiger says:

    I love that place! Totally worth the drive!

  2. elenadrik says:

    Did you write 2 hours drive? In one way?? I think you do LIKE shopping! 🙂 I like it, too, but only about one hour. If it longer, it’s getting boring for me 😦
    Good luck everybody!

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