Not Enough Time

My life is on repeat.  Everyday I wake-up, go to school, go straight to work, and come home and sleep.  Its so repetitive and annoying.  My father tells me that’s how life goes and is always going to be; but I’m young, I wanna have some time to myself and go have fun or at least do some things I wanna do.  Last year,  I didn’t have a job.  All I had was school, but I always came home from school and worked- out for most of my day, and then I had time to do stuff with my friends.  This year, not so much.  I’m beginning to realize that Im not a child anymore, and even though I’m not a full on adult, I still live, act, and now feel like one.  Some days I feel like I’m a 35 year old woman.  I just wish I could have some fun time to feel young again.

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5 Responses to Not Enough Time

  1. quarles says:

    i know how u feel. i feel the same way. i wish i could go back and have time for myself. i dont get to do anything fun anymore.

    • jcastro87 says:

      Sometimes I feel like that as well, but one piece of advice I can give you is that you have to make some type of time to do stuff you want to do. If you don’t you will go crazy (in a sense). I spent mt 20th birthday pregnant and my 21st birthday with a newborn. So I know how it is to juggle too many things. Shoot, even know I have my son, school and a job. So just take your time and try to do something for you at least once a week. whether it be just driving around listening to music, or siting in starbucks reading, or even going to a movie by yourself. Always works for me

  2. akraiger says:

    I really wanna be a kid again !

  3. s00941585 says:

    Your dad is right. Thats just life. You might want to get used to it because your going to be in the same rouitine for the next 30 or 40 years.

  4. ula82 says:

    You can go out with friends or family on weekends . i think you already did that right?

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