My Halloween

My weekend of Halloween was a blast, Friday and Saturday I went to two Halloween partys at a friends house and dressed up as a jabbawocke. (a dance group from Americas best dance crew) Both partys had alot of people and luckly this stood undercontroll. Halloween is always one of my favorite hollidays just because of the joy in dressing up. But this year was the only year I have yet failed to go “Trick or Treating.” All and all my halloween weekend was a success and I hope that the rest of the holidays coming up are just as fun. The next holiday to celebrate is Thanks giving and this year it’s at my house so I hope to have another good Holiday to blog about.

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1 Response to My Halloween

  1. elenadrik says:

    Wow! I love Halloween, too. My son got a trophy “The Skariest costume”. He is very happy. I was going “Tick or Treat” with him, and I love that. We had a lot of fun, too. Have a good Thanks giving! 😉

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