Winter is Coming

Winter is coming and I am not likeing it at all. This morning I was about 10 minutes late for class because my car was completely covered with a sheet of iced over due. I had to let it sit for about 5 minutes with the heat blasting just to clear my windows. I love this winter but I hate the cold. The snow is beautiful when there is a perfect layer over everything. The cold though is not fun. I hate having to get bundled up in the mornings and scraping ice off my car. Coming out of work tired and having to stand and clear off so many inches from my car before I can even get in. I dont get out of work until 1030 everyday and when the snow is bad the plow trucks are more focused on the streets not some parking lot for people to park in. Last year when we had that really bad snow, my work had to call the police station right next to us so they could get the cars out. We had to have had about a foot of snow on every car. Now when it comes to driving in snow I absolutly love that about winter. I guess thats a little dare devil in me. I like to slide around and fish tail. I hate the other drivers around me though. Half the time when it just rains people drive stupid.

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2 Responses to Winter is Coming

  1. akraiger says:

    i’m totally hate the cold ! so annoying !

  2. s00927520 says:

    I hate the cold! careful driving in the snow, even though it’s fun! people are crazy on the roads now-a-days and think that they’re the only ones on the road! My dad used to take me and my sister to do doughnutsin empty parking lots when it snowed..I guess I can only trust him doing that in the snow since hes a cop and has plenty of experience driving.

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