True Friend

My mom says that person who had one true friend in their whole life is very lucky. I start to belive that she’s absolutely right. We meet people through out our whole lives, we trust them, invite them to our homes and do things together. But something happens during all that, it’s either they leave or we lose interest in the relationship. I had few “friends” over the years, but most of them were selfish and they always wanted to do things they liked, they needed me to achieve their goals, so obviously that didn’t last. These people I met here in US, I used to have a great friend back home as well. She was like a sister to me, but then she run into some money trouble, so I lend her some and never heard from her again. The only person that is my true friend is my mom. She is 76 years old and I can talk to her about everything, she loves me unconditionally and there is nothing in this world that could tear us apart. I wish that she was here, unfortunately she lives overseas. Last time I saw her back in September when I went to visit, I already miss her. I belive a lot of us straggling with the same problem, we chose to move here and we leave our relatives back home. Most of us have a hard time to justify what we’ve done, and we question ourselves was a right decision. Well, we can just hope so. It’s impossible to do it on your own, someone has to be there with you. I’m very thankful for my boyfriend who accompany me in this journey for last ten years.

About jusi1980

My name is Justyna and I was born in Poland, moved to US ten years ago. I work full time for Sterling Jewelers Inc, I've been with them for last eight years. It's my third semester at Tri-c.
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