just dance 2!! yessss!!!

So im not about anyone else thats blogging on here but if you have a wii you should buy the game just dance. Its honestly so much fun. I personally do not like video games at all but this is all about dancing! They just came out with a just dance 2 and it is amazing. It is a great exercise and keeps you moving. Me and my friends played it for a while the other day and its pretty intense. The moves have gotten a lot harder and faster. I think i could play the game for hours though!  i hope someone on here gives this game a chance!!

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3 Responses to just dance 2!! yessss!!!

  1. jazmine1 says:

    That sounds fun.. I like to dance and play video games. I have a wii so i’ll try it! haha

  2. jdenavich says:

    I agree. It is definitly a great game. =)

  3. ashhorak says:

    Sounds fun. Wii has the best games! I like a game called Dance Dance Revolution, I get a good work-out doing that. I wanna try your game now, I might go buy it to try it, or ask for it for Christmas! 😉

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