Election Day

                                       Election Day, it’s most of the excitement moment in every country and mostly in America. It is the day when most of poeple in different country are mobilized to go to vote for their  favorite condidat and also different oppenants are mobilized to motivate their people to vote for them. In some of contries, the USA for instance, the election day is countdown from the date when the compagn starts till the last day of the vote. furthermore, during the period of the election, compagnes are everywhere in the country and stuff like journalists, students, companies in majority corporation and normal people are involve in it. Journaliste, affiliated to the media, are personals who braodcast and motivate others to go out and vote. They allow to the rest of people  ( students, children, parents and others) to know what it is going on exactly among the condidats and which pole is on the good track and which one is not. They sometimes emit the wrong from the right fro some competitors. To illustrate, we can see  what it happens for different condidats during the 2010 election in America; so many things are put on the TV bad, good or even private stuff that poeple don’t really want to know about and secret information. All of these elements are for the profit of condidats to obtain the power they are looking for.  Students and parents are people who suck in most of the information to allow them to make their chose for the condidat. They relate and raly on the journalists who give them the necessary they need for their decision-maker. In addition to Journalists, students and parents, we have also companies which contributes strongly in that data base. They impact the election period by pumping up those condidates to be elected so that their policies need to accomplished. Moreover, as those corporations have an adequate strenght, they are able to select their favorite, put money at his side so that he will be elected for their benefits.

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