working out

I try to work out at least twice a week.  It is mandatory for one of my classes that I work out twice a week because we have to write a a workout journal about our workouts.  My mom has a personal trainer at Fitworks who she sees at least twice a week.  If I’m not able to go with her, I at least try to go for a walk.  Personal trainers are expensive! I also wish there was just more time in a day to workout. Sometimes I just don’t have the motivation to work out, especially if it has been a long day.

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  1. s00941585 says:

    Working out is one of my favorit past times. I try to workout at least 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours. Its hard to do this though when I don’t have time to get into the gym. If I can’t go to the gym than I end up doing push ups, pull ups, and sit ups.

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