the small stuff

I don’t understand why people sweat the stuff and brush off the big. I mean i understand if it stresses you out or your aggrivated but why work yourself up over it. There are more important things to get yourself worked up over but not the little things. Even though i admit i do catch myself sweating to small stuff and freaking out. But lately, i don’t know why, i noticed i have been doing it more then usual. I realized if you do stress yourself out on the little stuff only the worst is bound to happen for the bigger stuff. Brushing off the small things and getting worked up over the big is understandable. Who am i to say don’t let the small things overcome you? I don’t know but it is a piece of advice i can throw out. 🙂

About italia17

I am very athletic, love to have fun, and very dedicated to school and work. I come from a huge family and i am always doing something or going somewhere for them.
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1 Response to the small stuff

  1. akraiger says:

    Life’s too short to worry about stupid stuff !

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