My sons second Halloween

Last night was my sons second halloween and we had a great time. His first Halloween didn’t go so well. He was almost one and he was a loin. He didn’t like being in the cold and he didn’t like going around the block so we only made it to two houses and then went inside. His year he was a monster from some children show. He loved going to house to house getting candy and holding his bag. He had a kitkat in one hand and a snickers in the other hand and he wouldn’t let go of them the whole time. He wouldn’t walk either so I had to hold him and we had to bring his over sized polar bear because he won’t leave the house without him but we had a good time. It makes me realize how short time is with my son and I want to do everything possible with him.

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1 Response to My sons second Halloween

  1. jdenavich says:

    Aw well I am glad this year went better then last year for you!

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