It Feels Worried

     Althought it has been two days since they left, it feels worried to go to their room and see no one there. My perents went back home just one day before Hallween. I know they feel good, and happy. For the last couple days I went to their room many times, I wanted to hug my Mom and talk to her– like I do all the time — but she wasn’t there. I have already missed my Dad voice, I missed the big breakfast that she make in the morning and the coffee.  It feels worried to get used to something or someone and then they just disappear.  I cannot wait to see them coming next summer.  I miss you Dad, I miss you Mom.

About malak87

I am an organized person, I like all kind of beauty and I appreciate it.
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2 Responses to It Feels Worried

  1. jusi1980 says:

    Hey Malak be strong, keep your mind busy with other things, I know that is really hard, all my family is overseas ,too. Hopefully year will go by fast, so you can see them soon.

  2. malak87 says:

    Thank you Jusi, i really appreciate it.

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