Ditching Friends On Halloween

so I took my little sister trick or treating the other night and I think she really enjoyed it.What had pissed me off though was 2 days before Halloween my sisters friend canceled on her,who lets their child cancel on someone that late and then i seriously would have been fine with it but then this girl had the nerve to come to my house and trick or treat and ask where she was mind you she was with 4 other girls after telling my sister she couldn’t go at all.I told my mom I wouldn’t of given her candy at all.My sister is in 6th grade by the way meaning she’s 11.Things like that would still really hurt her feelings and my sisters very passive.So we decided not to tell her but we think she might have seen this girl anyways when she was out with me.It really made me mad though,what a mean thing to do.I think she enjoyed having quality time with me though 🙂

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1 Response to Ditching Friends On Halloween

  1. caitlinm05 says:

    that would piss me off too. girls are so nasty sometimes!
    its reallly sad.

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