I don’t understand why people don’t like country music. I think its the best genres of music. It actually sings about real problems that people face, unlike rap that just sings about drugs, sex, and valance. I can’t stand driving with someone that is blasting rap it’s annoying and you can’t understand what their even saying. I can’t belive that people are actually wasting their money on rap. If people gave country a chance they would they would start listening to it.

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  1. caitlinm05 says:

    i loveeeeee country music! my first blog was about country music.
    i think people should give it a chance too.
    its the best!

  2. bnkrzii says:

    I agree I love country music and it bothers me when people say they hate and they have never even listened to it. country music is the best that is like all I listen to I only like a few rap song but i really have to be in a mood to listen to them. people should give country a chance your right.

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