Beautiful Fall

While looking for a new house, I find myself in so many different areas of Cleveland. Few days ago we went to see a house in  Mills Creek division (North Ridgeville), it was such a great experience. Those toll trees were unbelievable, and every single one had a different color of leaves. Last time I saw such vibrant shades of leaves I had to be a child. There was one tree that had all bright red leaves, I loved it. Then, we traveled to North Olmsted and same thing, very similar scenery. I wish to find a house that is surrounded by toll trees, it makes me forget all my worries, they bring some type of peace to my soul. The weather has been great those last couple of days, I hope it stays like that for little bit longer.

About jusi1980

My name is Justyna and I was born in Poland, moved to US ten years ago. I work full time for Sterling Jewelers Inc, I've been with them for last eight years. It's my third semester at Tri-c.
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1 Response to Beautiful Fall

  1. elenadrik says:

    I agree. We travel far away to see new places, but sometimes a lot of beautiful places are beside us. I LOVE the fall in Cleveland, too. I wish you find a nice and cozy house.

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