The Count of Monte Cristo

Last week I watched the newer version of the movie, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” My sister-in-law had to watch it for her religion class. The movie was about a man’s inner struggle with why bad things happen to good people.  It showed how a good, god-fearing man started disbelieving God due to the bad things that happened to him.   In the beginning of the movie, the main character’s life was going well.  He had a best friend since childhood, a beautiful fiancee and just became the captain of a ship.  While the ship was at an island called Elba where Napoleon Bon Aparte was exiled, Napoleon asked Dantes to deliver an “innocent” letter to a friend of his in France.  Even though Edmond’s best friend, Pearce, knew how to read and write, Edmond didn’t ask Pearce to read the letter.  However, while Edmond was sleeping, Pearce read the letter without telling Edmond that he had read it.  When they got back to France, all of a sudden, Edmond got thrown in jail for treason.  Although Edmond didn’t know it, the letter contained information regarding when ships left and departed.  Edmond spent 13 years in the jail, Chateau D’If, where he began believing that God had forgotten about him.  While he was in there, an old man taught him how to read and write, fend for himself, and helped Edmond figure out why he was in jail, as he was never formally charged with anything.  The old man kept asking Edmond questions that made Edmond come to his own conclusion on who did what to put him in jail.  The old man died in jail, but not before letting Edmond know where the gold of Sparta was buried.  The jailers covered up the old man with a tarp.  Edmond saw this; and when the jailers left the room, Edmond removed the old man from the tarp and placed himself in the tarp with the hope of escaping.  The jailers took the tarp out and threw it over a cliff to a body of water far below.  Edmond escaped, fell asleep on the beach and woke up the next day to a bunch of gypsies.  These gypsies took Edmond in and he befriends another man, Yacuba, who really became Edmond’s best friend.  Edmond and Yacuba set off to find the gold of Sparta and once found, Edmond plans his revenge.  Now, with all this found treasure, he transforms himself into The Count of Monte Cristo.   He then threw a huge party and invited everyone, including those who were responsible for putting him in jail.  Althought I don’t want to give the movie away, I will let you know that Edmond found out that he had a son who was raised by his old “best friend”, Pearce.

Have fun watching the movie, and if you have to take the same religion class, you will  be ahead of the game. 🙂

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2 Responses to The Count of Monte Cristo

  1. elenadrik says:

    I LOVE that story too. (Like your advice about book, remember… 🙂 ) I read that book and I saw a movie (can’t remember how many times). You have a good taste, Malak :))

  2. malak87 says:

    Hahaha , thank you Elenadrik.

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