Traveling through time

Last week my group read a story “The Third Level” by Jack Finney. I read it without a pause because it was very interesting and charming. The story is about young man named Charley, thirty one ears old.  One day he founded a way to the third level at Grand Central Station in the past in 1894! He wanted to buy two tickets to Galesburg, Illinois for him and his wife. He wanted to see that town in 1894 because he went to school there and he wanted to see how beautiful that town was one hundred years ago. He needed to change his money. After that, he couldn’t find again the way to the third level. He told his friends about that, one of them was  a psychiatrist Sam. Of course, they didn’t believe him, and doctor said that it was a waking-dream wish fulfillment. Finally, he found one old envelope with stamp from his collection. It was a letter from his  friend psychiatrist with date July 18, 1894.  Sam dicided to change 20 century to 19. What a surprise!!! I do LIKE that story!

What place and time in history I would choose if it were possible to travel in time? I think a lot of people may want to visit the future. Everybody wants to know how they will live in the future, what interesting will happen with them. I would like to know what will happen with me, too. If it will be something bad, I would like to change it when I’ll return in present time. I would like to make myself safe from that unhappy time. At list, I would try to be prepared for that.

Somebody will say to me that it’s not good to know your own future. You will be worried if you would know something not good will happened with you. I agree with that.

More than ttaveling to the future, I would like to travel in a time when my parents were young about 20 years old. For me it was a very romantic time. Everybody had an equal chance for happiness. Money weren’t important like they are now. You could be happy and successful without money. The university were free for everybody. All what you need just don’t be lazy! In addition, I love the songs and movies from that romantic time. They are like mirror that reflects the reality. Maybe it was very simple and naive, but I do love that time. I wanted to travel where when I was 18. I was wearing   rose-colored glasses at that time…

Now I’m OK with what I have. I’m getting older and I understand that the most important thing is to do your life more “real” in the present time, and I try to do it.

About elenadrik

My name is Elena. I am from Russia. I've been living here two years. I live with my husband and son. We moved to the United States because my husband has a job here.
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