My Little Man

It seem like yesterday that my little man was just a baby. He has grown so much.  It amazing how time goes so fast. My little man is now in pre-k and before i know it he is going to be going to college. I dont want my little man to become a man. I want him to be my baby forever, but i guess no matter how you look at it he will always be my baby.

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2 Responses to My Little Man

  1. schroffm says:

    you need to saver ever moment now because once they grow up they are kinda gone in a way. he still has plenty of time to be a kid so dont worry. just dont let time catch up with you.

  2. quarles says:

    Aint it so sad when your baby starts to grow up. dont u want to go back to where u can just hold them close to your chest.

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