What’s legal?


Why do they have two different ages for certain things? What’s the point of having the age to buy tobacco at 18 but the age to buy alcohol at age 21. What’s the difference? If your legally an adult at age 18 you should be able to buy alcohol. At age 18 you can buy tobacco, join the military, buy lottery tickets, and get married. If you join the military at age 18 you can’t go to the corner bar with your dad before you get shipped out over seas. If your old enough to die for your country you should be old enough to buy alcohol. You can get married at age 18 but you can’t drink at your wedding. You can buy tobacco which is worse than alcohol in my option. Tobacco is the leading cause of death in the U.S. If they lower the age of alcohol to 18 there wouldn’t be so much pressure for kids to try and sneak it and there will be a lot less drinking and driving. They pick one age and stick with it, don’t have two different ages. The U.S has the highest drinking age than any other country. It should be lowered to 18.

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3 Responses to What’s legal?

  1. ashhorak says:

    I couldn’t agree more. My personal opinion that they don’t lower it, is money. The gov. makes too much money from cigs & tobacco so if they made the age equal with the drinking age, they would lose lots of profit. I also agree that they should lower the drinking age for the many reasons you put.

  2. joeleanza says:

    Tobacco and alcohol kill people everyday because of addiction. There are a lot of things that are illegal that do not harm you like tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana is illegal but it hasn’t killed anyone…

  3. schroffm says:

    i agree with basically everything you have said. everyone knows that there are 12,13,14,15 year olds and so on already drinking. where are they getting it from? oh wait…. the cool older brother or sister who will kick your ass if mom and dad find out. even though teens under 18 will still be drinking i think it would lower the drinking and driving rate alot as well.

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