what a night

  So the last couple of nights I have not gotten much sleep. Sunday i got about two hours and the same with monday night.  Iv been trying to finish an accounting project but it hasnt been going to well. It took me alot longer then i had expected it too. Well last night was my final night to work on it and I already new I was going to have to pull an all night.   Well at about three in the morning i was almost done and I was so excited thinking i would actually be able to get some sleep but it didnt happen. My phone ended up going off and it was my brother.  He somehow managed to put my mothers car into lock mode and the whole car shut down so i was forced to go out to brunswic to help. We ended up having to jump the car but i didnt get home till almost 430. By the time i finished the last of my project it was almost 7 and i had to be to class by 745 and have school till 6 tonight =( hopefully tonight wont be as crazy as last night and I can actually get some good sleep tonight for a change.

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3 Responses to what a night

  1. s00933124 says:

    Ya “wow”! Good luck and hope you do get some sleep.

  2. elenadrik says:

    Wow!!! I join the first commenter – have a good sweet dream!!!

  3. caitlinm05 says:

    if i were you.. my brother would not be hearing the nicest words from me..
    i still dont understand how he managed to do that to you moms car!

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