In my life I have many regrets in which I wish I could go back and undo. I regret never playing sports when I was younger. I feel as if I could have had more fun as a child doing what I love to do now. I regret not knowing my family better before I couldnt get to know them now. I regret not sticking with football through out middle school and high school. Who knows where I would be know. I have alot of regrets but for all those I have plenty of things I dont regret so I guess Im happy where I am know. Who knows what the future holds for me.

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  1. I actually think that there are a lot of things that you still have control over. Is it too late to get to know all of your family members? Maybe you could make small tiny steps to getting to know a few of them. Are you actively playing sports right now? If so, that is a lesson that you’ve learned (another way of seeing a regret. You fixed it, and are repeating the error you made in childhood. That is actually impressive! Change is hard, and you’ve done it.) You could use your list of 100 as a way to overcome some of these past regrets.

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