I must be dreaming.

So the past two weeks I have been having the most crazy, obscure, vivid, dreams.  I have had dreams where a few people very close to me die.  I have had dreams with my best friends in them.  Never do I tend to have dreams in color, except recently they have been.  Now I know people say when you eat before you go to bed, you have crazy dreams…..I stop eating at 6:00.  I feel like someone gave me a crazy drug like acid before I go to bed because my dreams are so bizarre.   Most recently, last night I had a dream there was a creepy guy in a mask trying to break in my house, & when I told my father he wouldn’t believe me.  I woke up, and right away I fell into another dream-full sleep.  Even stranger than the before one.  I never been a person to have nightmares either, and these dreams are scary.  It makes me think of the movie “Inception” if anyone has seen it.

I think it would be interesting to do research or find out the reasoning behind my dreams.  Why I am having them or even what they mean.  Crazy, but I like it.

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