how thing change

Its funny how things change in a blink of an eye. But then your seating here wishing everything is the same.  Nothing is how it once was and u miss the easier days. When u had no worrys no pain and no tears. But them days seem to be so far gone and passed your touch. And it messes with you. All your problems build up and u have no one to tell it to it hurts. Until you finally have the time to cry it out. Then you are clean from everything.Then they end up doing the same thing again. what to do what to do..

About quarles

Hi my name is Mellissa Quarles and im 18 years old.. i work at the golden carral.. im goin to college to take up radiography..
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3 Responses to how thing change

  1. s00933124 says:

    There are always people out there who are willing to listen and are willing to give good advise when needed. Some things may never change other things can always be changed but it takes time. Hopefully time will be on your side and keep your head up.

  2. rlmerriner says:

    dont let it build up,try to do things to expres your feelings and emotions,like writing or art.Art worked wonders when i had no one to talk to when i was going through things.Your always going to become stressed it happens to everyone but if you let it build up and dont talk to someone or find an outlet for everything then your either going to burn yourself out or snap and it will just keep happening til you do.Trust me I know how you feel but you’ll be alright just find one good person to talk to that you trust,it will make a huge difference

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