What I think about college, is that college is way easier then highschool simply because instead of a full week of schooling college is broke down into 3 days. College is seeming pretty easy for me except my Goverment class. I feel like i should be performing better in that class but need to make sure i continue reading the h.w. chapters. College to me is not something to mess around with and needs to be taking seriously. I feel like i have the Mentality to pass all my classes but really need to focus on the work we do in class. Yet i plan on finishing the 2years here at TRI-C, I plan next to go to either Akron or Kent. I’am majoring in Criminal Justice and hope to someday be where i always wanted to be in the field. I  also believe that TRI-C can be a jump start to my career and hope that my Freshmen year is a success. But for now. I await and hope that everything ends up as planed. So i can look back and no my college life was a success

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  1. Consider talking to your Government teacher. Before you go in, try very hard to figure out what your difficulties are with the subject (or the class), and then ask your teacher’s advice. You will be amazed at how much this will improve your class. Further, your teacher will think of you as a serious student. I think your goals are really good and realistic. Good luck!

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