The reality

           While i was reading one of the poeple’s blog, i felt on one who wrote about the hiring problem he or she is crossing now. It was a little bit interesting to reead that but also sad for the person who is through that situation. I’m X and this is not a joke but the little realities i traversed during a few months ago before i got a new job. First of all, the things you’ve seen on TV seems to be not the reality you’re living in the real life, for the majority of companies are not hiring, however, when you wtach the news, they make you beleive things are going well now. Fox watch the news closely you will realise that all things the media are saying or publishing on the TV or news paper are just profitable for the rich people not for us pour gays. The proof is that if you have watched news all this last two weeks you would figure out how those poeple don’t care about the little people who are working for them; for more precision just look at the Profit Record i have been made by the big companies during this last three months: Uncontestable and never happened thirty years ago. Is not the greedy that people are talking about and still keep on the track? The big truth is they are fuck us up, sorry for the word used, but it is the reality. So if these poeple don’t stop what they are doing and think for those who suffering out there, america will not stay the same america as your grandparents and parents where thinking.

             The second reality about hiring is that right now poeple are having job because of the relation the have out there not by the normal way. So if you have some one works somewhere, i think it the best way just reach up that friend or realtion and he or she will help you in case of opening position in the company where he is working. I’m telling you that because is like that i’ve gotten mine, too.    

That’s what X is thinking about what the leader in this country are doing and trying to do. By the way, what do you think about  The One World Order.  

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