Not enough time

Is it just me or everyone else is struglling to get things done on time ? It seems to me that I’m always in hurry. To many things to do and not enough time. Maybe it’s a lifestyle choice, we want everything fast, so we pushing ourselves, too. Between school, work and our families we try to accomplish so much in such a short time. It feels like a race against time. I get so tired from running around and I don’t even have kids, yet. I wish there was more time off available, I have been with my company for eight years and I have earned three weeks of vacation. It’s not enough to enjoy life, three weeks out of whole year? Really depreesing when you think about it. There has to be another way, does anobody knows it?

About jusi1980

My name is Justyna and I was born in Poland, moved to US ten years ago. I work full time for Sterling Jewelers Inc, I've been with them for last eight years. It's my third semester at Tri-c.
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2 Responses to Not enough time

  1. Hi Justyna–I feel exactly as you do. I feel as though it is a race as well, and I hate it. I’ve had ESL students say to me that while they feel Americans are very friendly, at the same time, Americans have no time for socializing. It is a sad fact about my country. I am actively attempting to fix this in my life, but it will be a few years before I can work less. Good post!

  2. schroffm says:

    I know how you feel at times but dont you think you would have a little more free time if you didnt have to blog about this? it wouldnt be much more free time but after a while the time would add up from an extra 5 minutes a day to maybe even an hour a day…. sometimes people spend way to much time doin stupid things.

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