signing up for classes

I have so much to do this week and it doesn’t help that i have to register for new classes. That means i have to meet up with a guidance counselor and see what i need to take. I’m trying not to stress myself out or get overwhelmed. I learned my lesson from letting things get to me, or get overwhelmed. It’s hard enough not even knowing what i need to take but making sure i get the classes and times i want. Hopefully things work out in the end and i get my stuff done ahead of time. I definitely do not want o procrastinate with these things, so i’ll do them all tomorrow.

About italia17

I am very athletic, love to have fun, and very dedicated to school and work. I come from a huge family and i am always doing something or going somewhere for them.
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1 Response to signing up for classes

  1. jazmine1 says:

    I know how you feel it seems like I just registered! I’m stressed out too! Just keep your head up.

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