I think I’m losing my mind

Rainy days make everything more depressing. I have so many things to do it’s annoying. I have a load of homework, I have to take care of my financial aid, and register for classes. I have a lot of things to do outside of school as well. I need to get my license and Im saving for a a car. I have bills to pay and it’s getting harder everyday. On top of everything my ex-boyfriend is driving me crazy and my mom is worried about me. Don’t get me wrong Im not a depressing person but mostly on rainy days I start to feel down and I think to much. I try to be positive and take everything step by step because I can’t get everything done at once.

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2 Responses to I think I’m losing my mind

  1. irengyolvaso says:

    My advice to you is not to give up but keep on trying and tomorrow will be better.Tomorrow will be a sunny day. You can not be under a dark cloud forever.

    • s00933124 says:

      When things goes bad it never last for long. Keep your head high things always work out for the best of us. Just do not worry so much I am in the same book through everything plus Iam on my own so trust me life may seem hard now but it will become easier. Make sure you dont look at a rainy day as a depressing thing think of it as a day to go dancing in the rain it might make it seem better.

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