getting to school

As i had left school this morning i had cranked the heat on and turned up my music like always. The cold air outside was not helping my sleeplessness that i had, so for that reason alone is why i allowed my truck to get up to 92 degrease. It felt so nice to relax in my truck when I got to school. For once I had shown up early to school, about a half an hour early. I was so surprised at myself that I had gotten here that quickly.  I really didn’t feel like getting out of my truck but because school is important to me I did anyway. I opened my door and a cloud of steam just arose from all the heat it was actually kinda funny.

About s00933124

currently a student at tri-c living on my own and making blogs for the credit
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1 Response to getting to school

  1. jazmine1 says:

    It’s getting cold outside which makes it harder to wake up in the morning. Especially to go to school but its good that you were early because it makes you feel responsible.

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