There are so many people having kids, and just giving them away. Today there are way to many people giving up their childern , and the grandparents raisen them. I think it should be against the law to keep having childern, and other pople raisen them. We have way to many childern in the united states that are orphens. I think they should make a law that the parents that keep having childern and giving them away should have to get their tubes tied, and also spend some time in jail.

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3 Responses to Childern

  1. lorenca11 says:

    I absolutely agree with you.When parents decide to have children,they should think about the future of the children.The children need their really parents not imitation parents.Having the parents together it’s the most important thing for a child.

  2. italia17 says:

    i agree but at the same time maybe the family they get put in will be better for them. Of coarse being raised by there birth parents will be better. But maybe the living conditions would be better else where. My mom had this happen to her and she was raised in a more sturdy house hold and family.

  3. s00943318 says:

    I disagree with this. I feel like if you get pregnant and cant take care of your baby then its better to give that baby up then to have a abortion. Yeah I agree that there are too many people having babies but making a law isnt going to change anything. People are going to still have children.

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