Picking up my siblings

Every morning I have to wake up extra early to take my brother and sister to the high school. It gets really annoying because I am in a rush to drop my son off and I also have to take them and go through the crazy high school traffic so it gets crazy. My brother is seventeen and my sister is fiffteen. We don’t even live that far from the school so if my brother and sister were to walk it would only take about half an hour. When I  was in high school I always walk to and from school with my older brother. We never had anyone take us unless it was really snowy out and to cold to walk. It is just really hard to run all around North Olmsted to get my sibling. I get out of school at 2:20 and have to work at 4 but then I have to get them at 3 and with the traffic I don’t get home til 3:30 so I don’t have anytime to relax or get ready before work. I just don’t understand why my brother and sister can’t ever walk. Its not a big deal.p

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