Annoying Neighbors

I miss all my old neighbors that have moved or either died. They were so great, sweet and very helpful to me. I like how they were so caring if they saw me having a hard time  with something in the yard they would come help or if I was struggling with my homework they would help me solve it. The older ones every holiday would give me something very special. There were some cute ones I’m not going to lie that moved. It was just a great place to live. The people who have moved into their houses not so much. I’m not a racist I swear to you on that but, all my neighbors that have moved out was replaced with a different race. I had no problem with that but, the stuff they do is annoying or destructful. For examples my Arabic neighbors keep half the neighbors up with loud music and making weird noise real late at night. I don’t know if there celebrating a holiday or what but, its very rude to keep everyone up. Most people get up early for work, not just sleep in all day. Then my other Arabic neighbor comes over to play basketball at the weirdest hours or when I’m extremly busy. Oh then theres Ugene theres always one crazy neighbor in a neighborhood. He’s so destructful in anything he does. He has a lot of problems he beats his parents up a lot and hes 43. When hes not on his medication he ruins other people’s yards with his stupidty. Finally my newest neighbors the lovely Mexican people. Recently I got hurt playing basketball & needed surgery on my tooth. So they had to put me to sleep and told my parents do not wake me up until six hours after the surgery or I would be in pain. So my parents listened and kept the house quiet. Of all nights the sweet Mexican kids decided to come over with horns and started banging on my door ringing my doorbell playing dingdong ditch waking me up to be in so much pain. Also once a month I just love when they tp my house and try to do other stupid  stuff……… Not. It’s just annoying and I can’t wait to get my degree and move into the nice quiet neighborhood and get the heck out of here!

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1 Response to Annoying Neighbors

  1. mahirsilmi says:

    My neighbors are arabic and they are nice quiet people.

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