My unfortunate day

I remember my unfortunate day. It was November, 1998. I was so young, fledgling, but free. I lived in Russia. I was driving my car first year. My girlfriend and I were in the countryside. I had a business in this aria. It was snowing when we started to go home. The car’s gasoline light was shining while we went home. I was thinking that it wasn’t a big deal. We were so busy. When I forgot about it, my car stopped. After I got out, I was trying to find somebody who can help us. I didn’t have a cell phone. It was a tarrible situation. The weather was very cold. I had an old car. Nobody wanted to stop and help us. It was so sad. When I was looking at the road, one old man in an old car stopped. He asked us – “What happend?” I was axplaining it when my friend started to cry. That man helped us. He was a very kind man. He gave us some gas because the gas station wasn’t far away. When I was driving near the gas station, my car stopped again! My friend and I were pushing the car when we saw a laughing young man at the gas station.

After that incident, I always keep my gasoline tank full. 🙂

Do anybody have same unfortune day?

About elenadrik

My name is Elena. I am from Russia. I've been living here two years. I live with my husband and son. We moved to the United States because my husband has a job here.
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2 Responses to My unfortunate day

  1. I’m sorry about that situation, Elena. I almost had that happen last night. I got very nervous as I was in a rural area at night. Fortunately, I found a gas station right before I ran out of gas. I have to say, that the few times I have had accidents on the road in Ohio, people have always stopped very quickly to help me. I am very grateful for this. I want to know why that man laughed at you as you entered the gas station. That makes me angry!

    • elenadrik says:

      Thank you, Katherine. I don’t like that day, but I like to remember it. It was instructively. I don’t know why that young man laughed at us… I think we looked a littlie funny. Two young girls pushing an old car…
      Moreover, I think that gay wasn’t smart enough, because instead of laughing at us, he could help us, and it could be start of our friendship, who knows? We were young… 🙂 He lost his chance…
      One more thing. When I remember about that incident, I always think about my father. He taught me to change the wheels in the car. I told him, ” Dad do you think nobody can help me? I am a pretty, young woman… “Yes, you are, but let’s do it”, he said. He was right!

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