Life as a STNA

I am currently working in a nursing home in Strongsville, Ohio as an STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant). I love my job and I would never change my career as becoming a Nurse (RN). As an STNA I am required to take care of elderly people. Some with demitia, Alzhiemers, Parkensons, and other illnesses or diseases. At my job now I work in the demitia unit. This means that my unit is locked down behind closed doors. The people I work with will and try to escape. All of the family members must ask a staff member to let them in or out of the unit. Although I get scratched, bit, punched, and spit on, working with the elders is something I love to do. Some people would call me crazy for what i go through for eight hours a day. Changing dirty clothes, washing them up, taking them to the bathroom, feeding them and much more. Everyday when I get to work I get report from the nurse and go about my day. I begin by getting people up from there naps. By the time I am done with that it is just about dinner time. I begin to take people down to the dinning room. After dinner most of the people like to start getting ready for bed. By 9 o’clock I am just finishing putting people to bed. Ill take my break around then and when i come back i begin my rounds. Being an STNA is a very hard, stressful, yet rewarding job. If someone wants to become a nurse I would advise them to either become a STNA or volunteer in a nursing home. Others may think it’s a peice of cake working with old people, and at times it is. Even being the nurse one still has to deal with the people. No matter where you work, there will always be those few individuals that are going to be a little koo-koo.

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