I’m Living With A Crazy Person

I’m living with a crazy person. He always thinks people are out to get him and his dog. He drives me crazy. I understand he had a bad child hood and mom did some crazy things to him, but he already had alot of treatment to help him with all that. He dont like for anybody to come over to the house and visit because he dont like people (mainly men). He’s a stress person, but takes alot of medication for it. I take him about twice a week to the VA, but it dont seem to help him. He over medicates himself and get very mean and suicidal. I have talked to people at the VA about this situation, but didn’t do anything for him. He also spent 90 days in treatment and nothing. I thought I could help him but I’m starting to think that there is no help for him. I’m lost and don’t no what to do?.

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2 Responses to I’m Living With A Crazy Person

  1. OK–I think it is time that you get help for yourself. Can you call the VA and ask specifically for an expert that you can talk to? I’m thinking maybe a social worker or a psychological counselor could help you? Please let me know if they are unable (or unwilling) to help. I will ask around and see what else should be done. I am glad that you are recognizing possible problems here and asking for help.

  2. ula82 says:

    God be with you . Talk to him and ask again for a Sycatric

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